Peru FID

Again, stock-market of Values of Lima was contacted with us for the development of a webpage. This time, was PERU FID, the first great international financial forum of the BVL in the Peru that would reunite main referring economic and the financial ones. Remembering the magnitude of this event, in Lima Dot we worked in one website visually attractive, overturning all the information of the event (expository, programs, etc). As result, we obtained, again, the satisfaction of the client to the 100%

The creation of a webpage is a complex process. It is not sufficient with designing pages attractive Webs, is necessary to design fast pages Webs.€

Stock-market of Values of Lima organized the first edition of the forum of more important financial development of the region, Peru Financial and Investment Day €œConstructing the Capital market the Morning€.

For this project, Lima Dot very worked close by with the client knowing in detail the details the event and the needs and objectives the Web to attract the greater possible number of assistants, being the objective public an exclusive niche of people ligatures to the financial world.

After an analysis and planning of UI and UX (interface of user and experience of user) our designers put themselves to work in the best proposal possible to present the information of the event orderly. The objective era to create a Web that at the same time is informative and catches the registries of the interested ones in participating in the event.

In the development stage our programmers used the more modern technology Web to obtain an attractive Web, of easy navigation that allows a positive experience of user and guides the visitor towards the tunnel of conversions so that it registers itself. The work carried out in WordPress with CSS3, HTML5, Jquery, Parallax and Javascript exceeded the objectives and put to Peru FID around the more important financial events of the region.