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It commercializes in your own style

Any business that is dedicated to only commercialize a product or service will be successful if it has presence in the main channels of sales.

The Web is perhaps the most important channel in the present world.

It creates a catalogue online and it shows to your products and services as they deserve to be shown.

Catalogue Online

Catalogue design In line

A catalogue online, unlike a store online, is limited to present the characteristics of the product or service that you wish to commercialize of detailed form.

Of this form, the digital catalogue follows the main objective to persuade the user of the page to enter its data and to initiate a communication €œoffline€ where home occurs to the true process of sales, according to the channels that you, the proprietor of the catalogue, you choose.

In this sense, the design of webpages type catalogue online is a great tool to present greater detail products or services that are desired to grant, informing on the brand and its commercial activities.

Being worth of all the advantages of the communication and the design, a catalogue online is able to persuade to the potential consuming to its own rate and motivated by its own desire to know more on the product.

It is by that the nature of the catalogue online is highly effective to generate true prospectuses of sale already informed and previously interested in acquiring what they have consulted by his own will.

1. How made is a webpage type catalogue?

The answer is simple: a webpage with dynamic product segmentation is created that allows, of simple way, to show and to update all the wished products efficiently and well documented.

2. What tools are due to use to create a digital catalogue?

In order to create a digital catalogue the same tools are used that stop a corporative page and a store online.


An element that will sustain the quality of the catalogue online, will be the visual factor and what so complete is the information of the product or service to offer.

3. What information you must include in your catalogue?

A catalogue online is due to include the essential information of each product, taking into account that is due to communicate of simple and clear way what is greater interest for the consumer.

4. He is expensive to create a catalogue online?

It will depend on the catalogue type that is desired to create and if it is necessary to create by means of a customized design or an a soles Web. In order to know which these you need, you can ask to us and it will be our pleasure to find out it.

Advantages of a Catalogue Online

These are only one part of the benefits that you will obtain when having a catalogue online

  • 1

    It expands your Alcance

    It breaks the limits of the local exhibition and shows are your products arrive where it is that there is a connection to Internet.

  • 2

    It increases Your Sales

    With new users exhibited to your brand and a platform always in line, you will be able to take care of a greater volume of clients and orders.

  • 3

    It reduces Costs

    It saves physical infrastructure costs and it allows that your business can grow in a digital space without worrying to you about localities.

  • 4

    It fortifies the Brand

    By means of an elegant communication channel and suitable design, the presence of your brand will improve to a great extent.

  • 5

    Efficient Product presentation

    It shows all your supply of elegant form and according to your criterion of the market so that your hearing sees what you wish, when you wish.

  • 6

    Mantente to the Day

    The Internet is the new favorite channel of purchases for the majority, a tendency that only grows. You do not remain back.

With the design of a catalogue online you will have a place where the information of your company and its products will be organized meticulously and it will transmit of attractive form the public that you wish to reach.


We take advantage of all the disciplines the communication, the design and computer science to create a platform clean and structured to present your products.


In BoxieDesigner we are expert in the catalogue creation online that adjusts not only to the product and the company, but also to an important aspect the more: the consumer.


Our work finishes when your sales begin to take off.

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