Design Optimized Web - How to improve my website still more

To surpass to your competition and more efficient and effective being to secure conversions can be obtained by means of the optimization Web.

What means Optimization Web?

Many people understand the optimization Web as the optimization SEO or €œOptimization Search Engine€, that, although they are related, is a concept reduced enough in the reach than it can mean the optimization of a website.

Evidently, if we see our webpage as an element in our strategy to more secure business results, then we can detach to the process of generation of results and its interaction with the webpage.

Design Optimized Web

Elements of the optimization Web

We begin by most basic. All website, from its creation, leaves from the idea of being able to satisfy the needs with a hearing or specific users, are so from the design of the page we must consider that the connection level that has the same with the user, in the measurement of which it is the ideal, will be able to generate better results once sent the Web.

Optimization UX/UI:

It is here where we initiated with the first step of the digital optimization. The optimization of experience of user and the interface adapted for the same. One of the elements nails of the design Web centered in the user is to start off of your objective public to design the best possible Web that it satisfies his needs and it complements his process of interaction with the Web of the best way.

An element of optimization in this point is the form in which a user interacts with the Web. Bounce rate (rate by ricochet), the flow of users (User Flow) or the interaction with €œclickeables€ elements of the Web are factors that determine the level of engagement (hearing retention).

Optimization UX/UI analyzes all the corresponding elements to offer solutions that improve the experience of the user with the Web, which can be translated directly in sales. That is to say, this allows: to optimize the flow of users to find products, to optimize step by step of the cart of purchases, or to emphasize excellent elements for the users.

Optimization SEO:

Another element of optimization in a Web is the optimization SEO or Positioning Web. Because our website coexists with thousands of similar webpages, it is imperative to differentiate to us and to be most excellent possible on the subject that we tried and this can become by means of the SEO.

Million people use Google every day search webpages, and the optimization SEO allows to fit the elements of a website so that Google considers that this site has the associate most excellent content to key words, being in the sample of the page in the first results of the finder.

This strategy is important, since in Google 5 trillions of daily searches are realised, and the majority of businesses sees this channel as the main vehicle to generate sales.

Optimization CRO:

Optimization CRO or €œRate Optimization Conversion€, it is the optimization of performance of the website to generate conversions. That is to say, once the Web has been designed and it has been managed to generate the sufficient traffic by means of the different channels from acquisition as: Organic (SEO), Phelp, Social, Referred or Direct; it is moment for optimizing the form in which we generated conversions.

The optimization of the rate of conversion looks for to make the adjustments necessary in the Web to be able to persuade the users to that they fulfill the concrete objective who you have defined for the Web.

This practical one is very used in pages of destiny (landing pages) or in main pages as home (home). Also it is used in advertising campaigns as in the website directly.

Under it is thought of which €œeverything can be improved€, the optimization Web breaks through as one of the services more specialized and differentiated from the market.€
Design Optimized Web

Which tools are used to optimize a site web'

Many tools that you can use to improve the performance of your webpage, among them exist:


One of the main sources to determine what elements are due to optimize in a Web is obtained thanks to the analytical digitalis. To form the elements that allow to compile this information is key to analyze the existing problems and to measure the effects of the propose solutions in the time.


The use of €œheat maps€ allows to see a layer superior of data that analytical the traditional one does not show, as as cold the hot zones and of the Web: how much the users sail, to what they do click to him and to what no, etc. Allows to idenficar elements to improve resisting it with the Analytical digitalis.

A/B Testing:

Multi-variate experiementaci³n A/B or can be carried out at the time of proposing adjustments Web and allows to measure the performance of the adjustment versus. the previous version or the elements nails that they must change in the Web.

Test of Usability:

Tests that allow to include better the flow of the users in the website and how interact with him. This allows to improvements the experience of the user in the webpage. Sometimes we think that the design standards are valid but for certain public can not be the rule, the usability test offer a great contribution us to identify those elements.

After all, the optimization Web is not more than the constant improvement of the different elements from your website that allow you to generate sales, views, registries, leads or any objective of business that it has. It is a practice that it has as it bases the analysis and data processing that allow to make adjustments in order improve the form to grant results.

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