Design Web Centered in the User

Dise±o Web Centered in the Usuary take into account the needs, the intention, the knowledge of the user and the abilities of the end user of the website in the first place at the time of creating each element of a webpage.

Design Web Centered in the User

Dise±o Web centered in the user is a methodology in design Web that turns around the navigation of external individuals to the Web and has as center of reference (input) to the same at the time of designing a Web. This is beneficial because the final result (outcome) is a Web that it connects of the best way with the user, who in the best one of the cases can be a potential client.

It allows that it is possible knowledge how they react to the site, if its interaction is of quality, if the content is the appropriate one and that the interactions between the site and the client can at the same time satisfy the needs with the user and the creator of the Web.

Under this clear objective one always looks for to improve the experience of user by means of the UX design (User Experience), a tendency that has acquired greater relevance in the last years and it is to consider the user as it bases for being able to offer the best possible experience him in the Web.

Design Web Centered in Usuario (UX/UI)

On Dise±o Web UX:

Dise±o UX does not only apply to the Web, since it is an important methodology that it anticipates and it directs to the actions of the user when interacting with some software or device. This can be an electric home appliance, an ATM, a webpage, and any other invention.

Dise±o UX is applied to the design Web centered in the user when measuring the reactions and emotions that to him the interaction with the website will generate.

And it is as well as the design Web centered in the user looks for effectively to communicate the message of the brand, guiding the route of the user by the right page to which we want that it sees or it does, that is to say, to obtain its conversion.

As far as the design Web centered in the user, while we drew up the way of more cash towards where the user finds what looks for or obtains the tasks that set out to realise in our Web, we will obtain that their final sensation of use is positive.

Dise±o Web centered in the user allows a greater interaction of your clients with your website and of this form, it increases the conversions that you wish.€
Design Web Centered in Usuario (UX/UI)

On Dise±o Web UI:

Once realised all the analysis and UX design, it is hour to apply design UI.

Dise±o UI, or €œUser Interface€ in English, is a methodology related to the line of vision and the aesthetic thing, staying on a par with the formulas established in the UX design: to take care of the harmony and the resistance between the visual colors, hierarchies, the legibility, and the clarity in the functional elements.

The design Web centered in the user always must work, and always it must turns well. Many companies have the idea that its webpage they must like their leaders and to be everything what they imagine, without considering who all Web has an objective, and who this objective always will be centered in the users, is to the user to whom she must like and is for the user for whom must work.

In the great majority of the cases, the companies and their members are not the end users of their websites and, therefore, it is possible that they lack the perspective to catch everything what the user needs and because does; it is here where the figures of UX designer, UI, marketing analyst enter, and other experts who focus in achieving the success of the experience with the hearing of each Web.

They will be these who not only will cause that your Web is easy to use, but works as she assumes.

In BoxieDesigner, we incorporated the passage of use in webpages to establish the necessary strategies that they give each Web that we worked new parameters that take to success. For us, the design Web only works if it turns, and only turns if the user experience is positive.

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