Design Web to size versus. Design Web with Group

Many forms exist to make a webpage, and has much to do with the type of page (informative, ecommerce, catalogue, landing page, etc) or the objective of the same. Nevertheless, she is that you want to design a simple informative page or a store online, one of the main options that you will find in the market is: design to size or design with group. In this page of we detailed the most important points of each.

What is design Web custom-made?

Dise±o of webpages custom-made or commonly known as development webpages to size, is a form of creation of webpages in which designer or equipment of design develops to a design proposal Web from zero.

This means, that the design proposal is created directly and exclusively for each client according to the requirement. Very aside from being customized, the design to size means to understand the type of business for which a webpage is created, and of offering a solution that adjusts to the same.

This adjustment can be concerning type of business, hearing (public objective), services or even insights, that through a creative proposal is shaped in a unique design.


How made is a design of webpage from zero?

Normally, the design from zero happens through 4 fundamental steps:


To obtain all the possible data on the type of business, products, advantage differential, proposal of value, objective public and objectives.


They are design sketches that appear of preliminary way. It contains the functionalities it bases of the propose solution and it allows to validate elements as the experience of the user, disposition of elements and structure generally.

Proposal of Mockup:

It is created the graphical line, sources and effects that they complement to wireframe.

Revisions and approvals:

They are meeting points in which it reviews the elements of the Web concerning wireframe or mockup. This allows to make adjustments to be satisfied with your webpage.


Advantages of Dise±o Web custom-made

  1. Originality: Obt©n a design unique Web that it really connects with your objective public and correctly transmits the proposal of value of your company.
  2. A flexible design: In the design to size limitations in your creation do not exist, from traditional webpages to interactive webpages, the creativity is key.
  3. Ideal optimization: The pages custom-made can be optimized at technical level to have a performance superior.
  4. Burglaryable in the time: a Web to size can be quickly burglaryable.


Without a doubt, these are the elements that you must consider when wanting to make a Web. Nevertheless, the main element of the design Web to size is the possibility of creating something only and perfectly aligned to which the company needs.

Design Web to size versus. Design with Group

What is design Web with group?

The design Web with group makes use of subjects or groups Web, previously designed, as it bases to develop a Web.

These groups can be from informative pages to e-commerce, and usually present an interesting variety that allows to choose between diverse options.

Many pages exist in which you can buy a group Web, but you will need help some person or gets hold of to form it correctly, to personalize it and to mount it with the content that you require.


Advantages to use a group for Dise±o Web?

  • Time: The webpages with group take less time from development because great part of the scheme or structures are created, allowing the fast creation of a webpage.
  • It facilitates the content creation: a group, when having all the elements previously designed, allows that you can do an idea to you of the webpage that you will have and the type of content that you need to complete it.


To decide on Dise±o to size or Plantilla Web will depend on the capacities, the resources and the objectives of each business.€
Design Web to size versus. Design with Group

Then€¦ Design Web to size or Design Web with Group?

The answer is: it depends.

It depends much on the type of page who is desired, the budget to disposition, the objective to reach and other factors as the quality of the suppliers, the technical knowledge available to create the website, etc.

The important thing is knowledge that both options have their advantages and their disadvantages, where each business needs to evaluate its options before choosing by one of them.

We must consider that although the Web fulfills a fundamental element in the communicational strategy and of marketing, other services as the digital publicity, the SEO, Social Average and Strategy of Contents, is important for the success of any digital business.

It is by that the development of the Web must be aligned to the real reach of the company and to the resources with which it counts to apply all their strategy.

After all, don't mention it serves a Web done from zero, if nobody the visit.

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