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Improvement your positioning positioning Web with our services!

By means of an effective positioning SEO, your page will be seen of organic form throughout the time, without paying additional costs.

It optimizes and it increases your traffic of solid form.

Positioning Web €“ SEO

We improve your positioning of your webpage with our service of SEO.

Nowadays trillions of searches are realised in Google and other finders, the positioning of a webpage is extremely important to give you to a greater visibility, generating a great amount of organic traffic, increasing your sales/conversions and improving the yield of the digital channel.

Without mattering elegant, showy, functional or how expensive it has been the design of your webpage, if it fails in fulfilling elements that allow him to be found easily through finders, the work dedicated to this and the realised effort to turn users into cluentes is in vain.

If a page is created, but nobody the visit, in fact it exists?

We made sure to make meet the conditions so that your page appears between the first results of finders.

3 Imporantes Data On the SEO:


But of 90% of the Internet use it begins with a search

The traffic received to your Web through searches is where the new users will find you more. Without a design Web SEO in your page, it is as if you did not exist in the first place.


The 3 first results obtain 75% of the clicks

The users see the first results as which really they respond which they look for to find, so it is important that a design optimized Web manages to reach the greater relevance in finders after the correct keywords, where you will break a barrier that will let to your traffic grow widely.


72% of the consumers who did a local search less than visited a site 8 kilometers

With an increase in the specialization of localities and characteristics in the results search, as the local searches, the users now not only clickean more in your site, but they are much more prone to visit your store.

1. Increase of objective traffic

To improve your positioning lifts the amount of organic traffic towards your website. Daily they are realised more than 5 trillions of searches, and in these, the 3 first organic results of the finder take 75% of the organic clicks, with less than 10% of users reviewing the second page of results.


The importance is evident of appearing within the first results of the finder.


It must make an analysis which key words are using your hearing search your services. Of this form, your positioning will obtain qualified traffic that allows to increase your conversions.

2. High Return of investment (ROI)

The investment in improving your positioning Web (SEO) offers a high degree of return of investment in sharing with other strategies as those of rule advertising (Google Ads), because the traffic/click that you generate and the position in which you are not directly is related to the investment that you realise.


To appear organic in google does not have cost some. On the other hand, in the positioning phelp of google, each interaci³n with your page of destiny supposes a cost.


On the other hand, to position itself for key words organic with high volumes search gives a very competitive advantage in any industry. These words of high volume are very related to a high value of bids up, where your competitors will pay lifted amounts to obtain click.

3. It generates confidence in the user

The users trust and value the positioning in the finders, valuing as excellent the first organic results that are, and trusting that these own quality content, useful so they look for.

4. Increase of sales/conversions

Improve the positioning for the keywords that your clients look for they make that your visibility increases extremely, the traffic obtained for your webpage will be of possible clients who are interested in your services and/or products.


They do not arrive by accident at your page, but by means of a strategy of contents and keywords that increase to the visibility of your site moment for looking for related terms your services and/or products.


In addition, with a good strategy of optimization not only improvements your positioning, also optimizes the user experience because technical errors and unnecessary steps in the conversion funnel are detected, causing that the page is more intuitive and excellent for user who looks for a result in specific.

5. To increase the visibility of your brand

To appear between the first results search provides to the users a good impression of your brand, to increase its strength.


This obtains that many of your pages are positioned in specific pages of results search, generating more qualified traffic for the website.

Our Methodology of Optimization SEO

  • 1

    Accesibilidad and Indexabilidad

    We focused in causing that your page is accessible and indexable on the part of the web search engines as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Some elements that we reviewed here are:

    The URL's
    Internal links
    Navigation of the Page
    Redirects: errors
    XML Sitemap
    HTTP Headers
    He is responsive?
    Speed of p¡ginaErrores in Page

  • 2

    Elements of Optimization In off Page

    It increases to the relevance and authority of your Web with strategies In off Page and surpasses to your competition. Some elements nail here are:

    Analysis of Backlinks
    Local citations
    Social Signals
    Competitive analysis of authority
    Notes of press and articles
    Social networks and other accounts
    Registry in directories
    Optimization of Blog
    Strategies of obtaining of links

  • 3

    Elements of Optimization On Page

    We helped you to improve the positioning of your Web and pages nail. We increase its quality, density of key words and content. Some elements that we reviewed here are:

    It puts Labels: Title Tags
    Meta Description
    Analysis of Key words
    Texts Anchor: Anchor Text
    Breadcrumbs: Progressive content
    Competitive analysis
    Analysis of internal content
    Layout and structure of website
    Texts, images, video.
    Analysis of SERP: results of searches
    Analysis of Content Competition
    Keyword Mapping

It asks for an analysis completely free, we will review your webpage and we will give recommendations you to optimize it!

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