Tripelly is website customized with a high complexity in the programming Web of functions outposts so that the user can arm his own package of trip from any part of the world. Our client had in mind which needed that the Web does and we, after a pair of work meetings, we made reality the project. Unlike a typical Web of tourism agency, where normally is the static information of the Tours that offers, Lima Dot designed and dynamically developed for Tripelly an advanced and totally customized website that allow to choose between all the options of Tours and additional services that offers Tripelly and to arm the dreamed trip of its users.

Very we are satisfied with the participation of Lima Dot in the design of our Web. We appreciate especially the experience and capacity to reflect our needs in the structure of the Web along with the predisposition and flexibility to implement the changes that inevitably appear in a project of this type. I recommend its services to all person or company who requires serious and reliable services of creation of webpages with serious people in her work and excellent treatment.€

Tripelly is a tourist operator online whom it has as objective to help his clients to obtain the best trip than it fulfills all needs.
For this project we used a design Web responsive that can be handled well from tablets and cellular since it knows that great part of the visitors would come from movable devices. Using a created customized design from zero and one platform CMS WordPress, framework Bootstrap, and technologies PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Parallax and JQuery among others, were obtained a Web at the level of the best Webs of the market.