Design of a Landing Page

A site of effective and audacious landing

One landing page takes to the consumer to visit a specific product to motivate to them to conduct the battle that you wish.

It is an efficient form to take your Web and to fulfill his objectives with most successful, and why approximately 68% of the businesses use them at the moment.

One landing page is your Web in brief, concise, clear and effective a tool to fulfill your goals.

Landing Pages

One landing page, or landing page, is an independent page (an orphaned page could be shelp that) different from the home page or any other website that you could own.

This landing page not only presents your brand, product or service, but it takes steps further on to show to him the user exactly what it is looking for and to turn it into a consumer.

This obtains it when filling a form, contacting to the company, or to realise anyone of the other actions in your Web that serve to your campaign of marketing; being based on design principles persuasive Web.

This site, completely customized, will be the landing point for that new product that you wish to send to the market, that promotion which you have for the season, or that event that you wish to promote.

Our Process To design Landing Pages

€œIf it does not turn, it does not work€
  • Under this motto we shaped the elements of contact with the client in a page of destiny optimized for the conversion and made to achieve the objective.
Only and Customized
  • Ours landing pages is created from zero, each landing page is a new project. Nothing is recycle and all the elements are unique and custom-made.
Intuitive and Elegant
  • ours landing pages counts on the elements to persuade the users to fulfill the objectives drawn up by means of a design made to attract.
She is Adaptable and Responsive
  • It is that your clients enter from a computer or a cellular one, your landing page will see always brilliant thanks to the design responsive.

1. She is showy

Everything landing page fulfills its intention when catching the attention of the user with a clear answer to a necessity. A showy title and with a clear and concise message will be what the attention of the visitor catches, waking up curiosity to know more envelope which the page offers.

2. Its content expresses value

After the initial message, the content of landing page is easy to absorb and sets out the value of the supply. For this many formats of design can be used Web including the interactive content multimedia and.

3. It collects

One landing page fulfills its intention when soliciing the data of the user interested in the supply. For this, a customized form is used that where it enters his data.

It is recommended to ask for only the essential information required to continue with the conversion process.

4. One focuses in the supply

To show only the necessary thing to impel the value of the supply is the essential base of one landing page. Of this form, it is responded to a unique necessity and it will create leads of true value for you.

What you can obtain with one landing page?

  • 1


    You can sell your products or services of simple and fast form. With a page of destiny in each promotion, you will be able to register campaigns and to see as your sales increase.

  • 2

    Generation of Leads

    Obt©n information of visits and gains potentials clients in forms that generate leads.

  • 3

    More Seeing

    A page of destiny with an excellent design connects your public and generates more exhibition of them and its near ones.

  • 4

    Fans and followers

    Beam to grow your brand with a landing page and creates an expectation exceeds what you will bring next.

  • 5


    It commercializes accessories and produtos added to those already bought by your clients. It increases your sales when fidelizar to your consumers.

  • 6

    More Unloadings

    With a call to the effective action, the rate of conversion for your campaigns increases considerably and unloadings can be maximized

In BoxieDesigner, we offer landing to you pages designed to generate the conversions that necesitasy to fulfill your objectives.


An intelligent design that persuades your visitors and gives a great advantage you on your competition is right what your campaign needs.


It reaches your goals and it begins to create your landing page.

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BoxieDesigner offers services of complete Design Web and in accordance with your needs. It creates a page that obtains your goals and surpasses your ambitions.