Corporative Intranet

The Informative Pulse of your Company

The Intranet Corporative is a site of exclusive and deprived access of a company that contains authorized information, accesses and processes for people within your organization.

In this network center in the internal use becomes, with its main objectives being the collaboration, the handling of resources safely, the internal communication, and the security of privileged enterprise information.

Corporative Intranet

It improves your enterprise management with our service of Corporative Intranet

BoxieDesigner offers to the technological solutions and development of complex webpages to fulfill the internal needs of any company. Our planning systems for enterprise resources, in addition to ours derived informative solutions allow to safely improve and to handle the enterprise operations in the digital scope.

Which are the advantages of a Corporative Intranet?


It opens the possibilities so that your company can operate with new advantages and functionalities that will multiply their operational capacity, such as:

  • 1

    Safe and official communication

    A corporative Intranet allows the deprived, safe, instantaneous and efficient between members and employees of company and safely customized communication.

  • 2

    Security of access

    The corporative Intranet is designed stops under security protocols that allow to their users the certainty that its information stays of intact and private way under the enterprise network.

  • 3

    It reduces costs

    Thanks to the facility of processes and storage that a corporative Intranet grants, your company will be able to save in operative costs that would take major effort and budget and now can be obtained through this digital means.

  • 4

    Information to Alcance

    It maintains the information of a company reunited in a single joining point, where it can be found easily of centralized and organized way.

  • 5

    It makes agile Enterprise Processes

    Thanks to the facility and the exclusive and safe access of which it will enjoy the corporative Intranet, you will be able to administer and to coordinate processes that take place within the same network from official way between members of your company. This allows the immediate collaboration in projects and altogether opens a safe channel for the work at a distance.

Your organization will be able to improve her enterprise management with our service of Corporative Intranet, a system of enterprise internal network allows that they open to the possibilities so that your company.


She works in complete efficiency, she asks for a quote and you will have the Intranet to your disposition.

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