Progressive applications Web (PWA PERU)

Progressive Web Applications (The future of the applications Web it is here)

At present with the increase of the use of mobiles for navigation, app is born a new necessity to have one to present your services and/or products, doing against this necessity we bring a new technology that allows to combine best of the webpages and the best thing of the Apps: The €œProgressive Application Web€ or €œPWA€.

We are the first Peruvian agency in making developments in Peru with this technology.

Progressive application Web

What are Progressive Applications Web?


Application a progressive, well-known Web by its abbreviations in English as PWA (Progressive Web App), is an application that directly reproduces in a navigator instead of to be installed in the operating system of a device. This means that, by means of the use of modern navigators, it is possible that a webpage has support for an application within its operation, without additional facilities.

Your users only need to be connected to your page to use your application progressive Web.

Advantages of a Progressive Application Web or PWA

In BoxieDesigner we are always to the vanguard of new technologies that offer integral solutions, this is the case of the PWA, offering the following advantages

Publication without cost
  • To publish one app normally has a cost, but with the PWAs you do not have to pay to Google Apps or Apple Store. Your application exists in your webpage.
Improvement conversions
  • The great experience of user of the PWA allows to improve your rate of conversions due to its innovating format and its interaction with the user.
It optimizes your Investment
  • The Progressive Application Web is an incursion in a technology that revolutionizes the market. Best the Web and of apps in a same development.
Under maintenance
  • To the being a single development, is not needed a maintenance to have this app, because the maintenance of the PWA is integral.
She is Progressive
  • It works for all the users. Mainly for users of operating systems Android.
He is Adaptable
  • A Progressive Application Web is made to operate in all device: desktop, Tablet or cellular. If they see your page, they can use your application.
It works connectionless
  • They are designed to work connectionless or with networks of low signal without having to unload archives or to make use of plans of data.
Style of Apps
  • Had that operates by means of the same model of segmented load of the Apps (Shell model), its aspect and interaction are very similar.
It is Descubrible
  • The PWAs are seen by web search engines, ideal so that the users find you. Thus you will be able to eliminate the steps to obtain one app and to increase your unloadings.
She is Interactive
  • Account with interactions to reenlist the users, as notifications push.

How we created Progressive Applications Web:

In BoxieDesigner we counted highly on described equipment, under which we became your strategic ally, guiding to you during each stage of the process. In order to obtain it, we focused in the following thing:

  • 1

    We define and We analyzed

    We investigate on the industry, involving to us and assuming they objectives of the company as ours, in order to be able to shape it in all the design of the webpage.

  • 2

    We personalize the Site

    We design each page commits 100% custom-made and from zero, each design maintains the corporative identity of the company along with graphical line.

  • 3

    We optimize for Finders

    We realise technical an initial SEO, in the same way we formed tools to measure the traffic that is having your page and you can see the performance of the same, Google Analytics

  • 4

    We use Agile Methodologies

    We work with methodologies as SCRUM, we looked for the participation of the client in all the process, you are you the expert and we want to learn of you to be able to shape it in the design.

  • 5

    We stay in Vanguard

    We use the last technologies for the development as PHP, CSS, HTML5, Java Scripts, among others.

  • 6

    We adapt to each Necessity

    We integrate external tools asked for by the client, according to wishes it.

A progressive application Web will allow that I reach to your users of a easy and direct way. At the same time, with her you manage to reduce the necessary investment to be able to realise your objectives of reach, everything using methods Web of vanguard under an agency with ample experience in his creation and implementation.


If you wish to create a progressive application Web, let know it and we will do it reality.

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