Branding for Brands

It creates an image able to move masses

The objective of branding is to extend that brand in the market, to position it as a referring one and to locate it in the mind of the consumers of direct or indirect form.

For this, all the elements of marketing meet to create an original and credible vision that lasts in the mind of the consumer.

Branding for Brands

Branding for brands is a deep process of analysis, design and strategy, which allows to identify and to work in elements that are essential to transmit an image wished to an objective public. Branding looks for to emphasize the power of a brand, those values of intangible type, such as the originality and the credibility, that allow them to be different themselves from the others and to cause a unique impact in the market.

The strategy of branding begins at the moment at which a brand is constructed. For it, from the home we must know clearly that the brand is more than a logo, a name, a certain typography or a mixture of the previous elements.

The Brand must have a meaning and to transmit emotions to be able to construct it of a solid way and this also will help to preserve it in the time.

Advantages to work branding personal of your brand

  • It distinguishes and it emphasizes the differences of your brand with the one of the rest of competitors of the sector.
  • It is fundamental for the recognition of the brand in the mind of the public.
  • Branding defines the communicational lines under which the brand in all the channels, supports and platforms is transmitted.

How to do branding of a brand


  • 1

    Process of Design

    • To explain the project: In order to create an identity, it is needed to know the project what will do, for whom, how one will be different, and how it wants that it is seen.
    • To define the brand: To devise options, and to decide jointly how it must be the image in aspects as positioning, personality and tone.
    • Proposals of design: A series of proposals for the brand is prepared.
    • Modifications: Adjustments become according to is asked for. After all, the client is the proprietor of the brand.
    • Editable material: The archives of original design in formats of vectors png and JPG interchange. In the same way, the identity manual is included.
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    Process of Deliveries:

    • Naming: Creative process for the creation of new names of the brand.
    • Logos and Stationery store: Creation of the visual manifestation of the brand.
    • Manuals of corporative identity: for companies that need a strict control on the use third parties on their brand.
    • Communication name brand: strategies to find the differentiators and tone of communication for the companies.

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