Design of Virtual Stores (E-Commerce)

It begins to sell by Internet with a Store Online. It discovers our specialized service of Design and Development of Virtual Stores in Peru.

To sell online is the objective of many. Fortunately, we specialized in the creation of stores online that assure the flow products of your heading towards the hands of your buying potentials.

Every month increases the amount of people who begin to use the digital channels to buy products and services. With the ample growth of users Web, and the multiple and effective advantages that the electronic commerce offers, the markets of greater growth have moved to the Internet.

It transfers your business to the digital world!

Stores Online

It creates a virtual store with us

In BoxieDesigner we helped you to have a virtual store. More than 7 years of experience as Agency of Design Web in Lima allows us to overturn all that expertise in this differentiated service. With us you will have E-Commerce that beyond being a channel of digital sale, becomes one of the main sources of entrance for your undertakings.

We specialized in the creation of virtual stores that:

  • They connect with your Segment of the Market (Public Objective)
  • They count on Dise±o Modern Web.
  • They are optimized for the Conversion (sale).
  • Other systems and tools are integrated with Web.
  • They count on systems of measurement and Analytical outpost.

We design Virtual Stores to size (From Zero)

Advantages of unaTienda Virtual €“ E-Commerce:

  • In a virtual store you do not need personnel turns or specific hours of attention. You can sell all day, every day, without assuming more operative cost.
Alcance major
  • El Comercio Electronic can arrive at more clients than any other method of sales. It defines a strategy of winning promotion and arrives more at and more people.
More Sales
  • A virtual store complements to your traditional channel and can arrive to represent a % considerable of your total sale and to increase the repurchase.
Analytical Digitalis
  • It understands better the comporamiento of purchase of your clients and constantly optimizes your page with the digitalis analysis metric.
It lies down Virtual with Wordpress and WooCommerce

1. It lies down Virtual with Wordpress and WooCommerce

If you are looking for an administrable and flexible store online to begin to sell by Internet, possibly the development of a virtual store with wordpress or woocommerce is what you need. One of the recommended options more due to its great ease of use. Nevertheless, for complex and customized sites you can have better options.

More of 30% of the webpages of the world they are supported by WordPress.

It lies down Virtual with Magento Open Source

2. It lies down Virtual with Magento Open Source

Magento is a solid option of development if you wish to have a greater control on the design and the functionalities of your website. It requires a dedicated knowledge to take advantage of to the maximum the functionalities the site.

He is a trusting manager of contents by thousands of great companies in the world.


It lies down Virtual with Prestashop

3. It lies down Virtual with Prestashop

Prestashop is an alternative for those who does not have much experience and wishes to send their virtual store, offering many functions and elements. Nevertheless, he is not as robust as a development in Magento or WooCommerce.

It lies down Virtual with Shopify

4. It lies down Virtual with Shopify

Only in the United States, the electronic commerce represents $220 trillions of dollars the year. It is not chance that arises new more accessible platforms for e-commerce which they are easier to use and. Among them we can find to BigCommerce, Wix and Shopify.

Shopify is an alternative of development of attractive E-commerce for which they wish to penetrate in the digital world of fast way in a system €œeverything including€ which it allows to construct a site you to size or to use groups and to accede to many related integrations and services.

For complex sites and/or that requires a greater control, he is always recommendable to decide on other platforms.

Platform to size (CMS to size)

5. Platform to size (CMS to size)

The best option if accounts with the budget and the operational capacity of mantenr a website to the 100%. A development to size not only adapts completely to your model of business, product type and processes, are also burglaryable in the time and even source of competitive advantage.

A development of a content manager to size, unlike a €œopen source€ (as wordpress, magento, drupal, etc) is that it allows you to have the control on all the elements and to arrive at an incomparable level of personalisation.

The maintenance cost is high and requires in many cases of an equipment dedicated for the administration, but for companies of the first level it is a very recommendable option.

Main characteristics that our service of Design of E-commerce includes

With than 6 years developing more virtual stores of all the complexities and sizes in Lima and the rest of Peru, we know that it is not enough with having a modern design and intuitive.

We count specialists in Rate Optimization Conversion (Optimization of rate of conversions) who highly guarantee to him to your virtual store to be profitable, obtaining a high degree of transaction between the users that visits the page.

  • 1

    Dominio and Hosting by 01 year

    Our services Web include the domain and hosting by the period of a year. Soon they can choose by some of our annual plans.

  • 2

    Design UX/UI

    We realise an user-centered design and prototipamos our proposal through wireframes (design sketches) that serves to understand better the flow of users and usability as the Web. In addition, we designed the ideal estrcutura for products and elements Web.

  • 3

    SEO Inicial optimization

    To the being a store online, the positioning Web can become a channel of important acquisition of new clients. We form all the technical elements of SEO and modules SEO On-page so that your store is indexed correctly by Google.

  • 4

    Design to size

    We always recommended to choose to size by a design or €œfrom zero€. It is the best form to shape the essence of your brand and the unique functions in your Web.

  • 5

    Integration with Footbridges of Payment

    Our developments of stores online include the integration of all the footbridges of payment available in the local market.

  • 6

    Product load

    We form the website to be able efficiently to realise the load of products and with the fields adapted through manager of contents (CMS).

  • 7

    Special integrations

    We realise special integrations with systems as: ERP's, Electronic Invoicing, among others. This allows to have a more robust and integrated website with the rest of processes in the organization

  • 8

    Testing and Optimizaci³n

    We make use of tools of test as tests A/B, personalisation, automatization and heatmaps to understand better how the users with your website interact and to propose improvements in the design oriented to the conversion.

  • 9

    On sale Oriented design (CRO)

    We make use of our methodology of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) in which we arrange different elements that allow that your site is an effective machine of sales.

  • 10

    Enhanced Analytics

    We make use of measurement tools outposts that allow to remove the best benefit from systems as Google Analytics to have better reports and to understand better the performance of the different processes Web.

The design of the virtual store must go to align itself to a strategy of initial businesses, accompanied by a strategy of digital marketing centered in the positioning digital Web and advertising campaigns (Google Ads, Social Ads).

You are to only a step to have your store online.


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