Southern Peaks Mining

After 3 years with the previous version of their Web, SPM returned to trust Lima Dot the design of their new Web with an up-to-date image that reflects the growth of the company. For this project a semi-dedicated servant was used where a modern Drupal platform settled to size for the management of contents. The website among others owns sections of administrable content that include the last news, listing of the members of the directive, properties of the company, galleries of photos and integration to Google Maps, functions. In addition, the client trusted the development to us of systems Intranet for the management of quotes and invoices of external suppliers.

SPM was looking for to reconstruct their webpage completely to obtain a renewed vision reflecting the growth of the company and is by which we decided to put to us with BoxieDesigner in touch. The work process was quite clear and simple mainly due to the good and constant communication that we maintained. The result was very good, now we counted on a webpage that fulfills all our expectations.€

Southern Peaks Mining is a private mining company founded in 2010, of property of its directors and Barclays Natural Resource Investments. SPM, with headquarters in Peru, owns a portfolio of small and medium businesses with metal assets bases and precious on Peru.

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