Engie Services

ENGIE is the first producer of energy of the world and first world-wide supplier of services of efficiency energetics. The macrocompany is present in Peru for 20 years through ENGIE Peru Energy, developing diverse parallel projects that turn around the world of the energy; and they have put its confidence in the team of Lima Dot to take each of them to the public through design Web.

As principle solicitd that the graphical rules of the international corporation were followed, taking its graphical elements and corporative colors, but generating an innovating and customized result stops for its representation in Peru. We begin to develop the main Web of the company and since then they have been fidelizado with Lima Dot to give life online to all projects.

The creation of a webpage is a complex process. It is not sufficient with designing pages attractive Webs, is necessary to design fast pages Webs.€

Our equipment designed for Engie a modern and organized Web, thinking about the functionality of each element and its capacity to adapt to each device. TO the being a Web of ample content, sections as €œExperiences€ and €œWho we are€ structure in subcategories that facilitate the user to find the required information, being the section €œExperiences€ mini site that organizes in selectable eyelashes each one of the types of electrical projects that have been realised by the company in the country. Each one of the sections responsive is and self-managing thanks to the fact that it was developed through CMS WordPress, reason why the organization and content of the webpage constantly are updated by personal intern of the own company of easy and safe way.

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