The team of Magall accountants was a study that did not have presence in Internet and as a result of it they go to Lima Dot to generate a visible place from which they can approach his clients and more present his services.

A page was created that is distributed in sections: Services, the description of its functions; Plans, the packages that offer and Blog, for the note publication that generates organic visibility. In addition, the work with the page of contact and the design of the location of the place thanks to Google Maps was complemented. With a customized photographic work, an administrable Web was given totally, with version Responsive and an agreed look to requests of Magall.

It looked for to present my just created company, the Countable Study Magall & Asociados S.A.C through the Internet with the aim of catching clients and letting grow it. From the home the punctuality and customized attention of BoxieDesigner were what it convinced to me, in addition to informing to detail all related to the creation into the WEB and the benefits to me that it would obtain for my business. I am very happy of how it was the Web, is seen very professional and funny simultaneously, one is to the vanguard and I know that it helped me to obtain what I have seted out for my company.€

Magall is a team of professionals with more than 19 years of experience in outsourcing accountant, tributary, labor and financial consultant's office of companies of different sectors from the economic activity of the country. They give a service of quality, efficient and customized that offers an integral consultant's office to its clients to help them to confront the challenges of the present market.

It visits the Web