Corporative design of Web

It creates a Corporative or Enterprise Webpage for your Business in Peru

When you want to represent your company with of the best possible way in the scope Web, you need a specialized equipment in Dise±o of Corporative webpages, able to shape the values and the image that search to reflect.

The creation of a corporative webpage type focuses in representing of the best way the reality of your business in the Internet. This means to reflect the information and essence than it means your business of unequivocal way with a design clear, effective and attractive Web to the different public from interest of your business.

In BoxieDesigner we counted with more than 6 years of experience in Dise±o Corporative Web, thus we are specialistic in the design a professional webpage that manages to reflect the essence and the aspirations of your company.

Corporative design of Web

Main Advantages of a Corporative Web

Effective communication

The design in a corporative page must always maintain a clear message that it is desired to transmit and establishing the objective that wishes to obtain. Together, these messages obtain that the page serves as a tool very hard to generate a greater conversion of clients.

Character name brand

The ability and experience of your company will be transfers to a corporative webpage that demonstrates the professional character that you wish, maintaining in all the design, the identity, and the corporative image in first plane, along with your objectives

Connection with Users

You will have a corporative Web that applies methodologies centered in the user, so that she is very intuitive when sailing itself and communicates of a clear way the main messages that they allow to connect with a potential client.

The corporative webpage that you need to transmit the essence of your brand and to connect with your segment of the market, can also be a powerful channel of sales.

How we designed and we developed a corporative Web?

It discovers the 3 steps to create a corporative webpage for your business.

Initial analysis
  • Initial Briefing of project.
  • Definition of Map of Site.
  • Understanding of model of businesses.
  • Definition of attributes and elements name brand.
  • Definition of corporative graphical Line.
  • Analysis of segment.
Model of Prototypes and Design
  • Elaboration of structure and flow of the Web.
  • Design of Wireframes (Sketches of Design).
  • Corporative Graphical alignment.
  • Graphical proposal
  • Design of internal main pages and.
  • Evaluation and Adjustments.
  • Corporative model-making of Web.
  • Configuration of Manager of Contenidos (CMS)
  • Configuration of Backend.
  • Configuration of effects and interactions Web.
  • Load of preliminary content.
  • Evaluation and Adjustments

1. Storytelling

The best way to understand about your brand and what you offer in the market can be obtained with a strategy of fluid communication in each element of the page.


From the home to the contact form, the page can make use of tools as storytelling to connect with the user and to embark it in a line of communications to traverse the site.

Social Average

2. Social Average

It shapes a consistent graphical line through the different social profiles and elements name brand from your disposition.


Integration with social networks allows that your business is interconnected with different platforms and also that are accessible made your segment.


3. Blogs

Companies and corporations make ample use of this strategy of contents to elaborate more about their knowledge and experience in the sector in which they operate.


All the brands want to be leaders of opinion and source of consultation in all that to their professional area. Why not your company?

Why you must have a corporative webpage?

The creation and the growth in any company of value include a webpage that represents it, and the reasons exceed. Some of the reasons by which your company must have a corporative Web are:

  • 1

    To extend Mercado

    To design a corporative webpage exponentially increases the reach of your company, overcoming the physical barriers of your business and allowing anyone to access to your company.

  • 2

    Availability the 24 hours

    A webpage not generally requires of turns of office or specific hours of attention to present your business and of presenting your roll in the market.

    The company will be accessible at any time, as long as the enterprise Web is there.

  • 3

    It is part of the process of sales

    Studies confirm that at present the people consult information on products and services in Internet up to 3 months before acquiring it.

    The contemporary consumer looks for information in the Web before acquiring a product or service, and will look for that one that has the legitimacy of a website that can give vision him of its purchase.

  • 4

    Advertising channels

    A corporative webpage is of in case an advertising channel where it is possible to offer products services of your company.

    Or with publishing contact information, placing forms so that a prospectus enters its data, to activate a chat, or simply to incorporate a store online (ecommerce) you will be able to open an advertising channel mediates your website to you.

  • 5

    Professional competitiveness

    The category and the validity of a successful company are reflected in the relaxation of its communication channels. A company that counts on a webpage comprises of the competitive scope where those that they have his site of Internet go ahead to which no.

    You will leave your company remains back, or you will create a competitive site that makes him emphasize?

The corporative Webs commonly are used by businesses not only as another channel of sales, but as the main headquarters by means of which she is well-known by the public.


While the time happens and the commercial panorama moves towards the digitalis, more companies enter the competition of the market by means of the Web.


You do not remain back. It presents your company to the world and opens a new world for your company.


Gave us what you need, and we will create a Web to obtain it.

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