Siscard Peru

Siscard is an Argentina company with international endorsement that opened operations in Peru and decided to work with the best ones for the creation of its webpage. Starting off of a presentation that they had in pdf with the graphical line of the company and its commercial management, we occurred to the task of translating all that image and information to a format Web of easy navigation, simple and agile, but that simultaneously it shapes modernity and high tech to which it is associated Siscard and its services.

It took a year him to Siscard to design the perfect presentation for its commercial strategy and 4 weeks to Lima Dot in translating that presentation in a beautiful modern, dynamic Web, with an impeccable presentation in cellular and tablets, and all size of screen.

The creation of a webpage is a complex process. It is not sufficient with designing pages attractive Webs, is necessary to design fast pages Webs.€

This is a customized Web with an aligned modern design to the corporative image of the company. The effects used Parallax, HTML5 and JQuery in this project give a movement him to the elements and to the information that causes that the webpage is dynamic and interactive. The Web counts on a section €œWorks with Us€ who it has a function of shipment of CVs and postulation to jobs in the company. This Web, as the majority of pages Webs that Lima Dot develops, is self-managing on a clean platform CMS WordPress, with minimum use of Plugins and the safety measures that correspond so that the Web stays stable in the time. Having lodged in one of our plans of Hosting, the Web of Siscard Peru counts on the security, stability, technical support and backup copies (backups) necessary for a good operation 24/7/365.

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