Leadership School

The Administrative Director of the Educative Corporation Global Leadership Group, Pedro Vieira, contacted to us with the necessity to create three webpages for his educative institutions. In the case of the school Leadership School the client wanted a Web with One-Page style that shows all the information of the school with only visiting the homepage but that simultaneously, by the great amount of contents and photos, it tells on inner wing sections that they develop each area in greater detail.

After to analyze the project, to know more detail the graphical line of the school and the tastes of his Director, we created a Web that not only fulfills the requirements if that are also very nice in design, easy to sail and that it twins very well with the corporative image of the school, which did not arrive already defined and had to be respected.

The creation of a webpage is a complex process. It is not sufficient with designing pages attractive Webs, is necessary to design fast pages Webs.€

The Educative Corporation Global Leadership Group, is an institution focused to an education of schellostic leadership for you drink from 3 months to young people of 16 years.

The design Web One-Page style with a modern, colorful design, ordered, of easy navigation has a Responsive technology behind Web Design that allow to correctly visualize the Web in any device desktop and mobile as PC, Laptops, Tablets and Celulares. The contents of the Web are totally administrable and the platform CMS that was used is Drupal, which was personalized and adapted to fulfill the exigencies of the client being obtained its total satisfaction.

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