Ulloa SA

The company ULLOA S.A. told on a previous Web that it did not fulfill the present standards and he was not compatible with movable or cellular devices. Also, the company had much new information that it wanted to show in his website.

The challenge was to distribute the ample information and to create a experience of user and optimal navigation in which the visitor can find the information, categorisen in sections easy to understand, in a few seconds. The result was a Web that satisfies the requirements with the company, that orderly shows all the wished information and that not only it is possible easily to be sailed from computers desktop and laptops, but also from tablets and cellular.

We had as challenge to renew our Web to an agreed one to the new technological tendencies and accessible from diverse navigation helps, we needed a Web different from the common thing with major and better contained aligned to the strategies of the areas Commercial and Operations, the consultant's office of BoxieDesigner in proposing and developing the solution was important to crystallize our ideas in realities, the good communication was fundamental to raise clearly our requirements which completely were satisfied, we are in agreement to tell on a flexible, modern and agreed Web our needs now.€

For this project a platform of administration of WordPress contents was used by means of which, after a simple qualification, the one in charge to administer the Web in company ULLOA can independently load new contents. A section of Projects was asked for that counts on an Interactive Map, section of the News, Clients, Services, among others, all totally self-managing by the personnel of ULLOA without the participation of Lima Dot, although they know that always they can count on our technical support.

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