Inkasaire Journeys

Inkasaire Journeys is an agency of tourism located in Cusco and with a genuine passion by the Andean culture which wanted to see reflected in its new Web. Before that demand, an original photographic work became that endorses the customized design of the site. The spirit of the Andean and of Cuzco culture sees himself in each corner of the Web: banners, bellboys and inner wing sections. In the page, the visitor arms his tourist packages that can be multi-I destine and it motivates thanks to the dynamic gallery of photos and videos that is exhibited.

The creation of a webpage is a complex process. It is not sufficient with designing pages attractive Webs, is necessary to design fast pages Webs.€

Lima Dot gave an internal qualification him to Inkasaire Jorneys so that they themselves can update their Web with the frequency who see advisable, for that reason the project in the WordPress administrator who allows us to visualize a site clean, ordered and attractive, able was developed to be self-managementable.

In addition, widgets and extras to the Web for a more complete usability as weather were added forecast, the section of testimonies and the blog.

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