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Your better option to design your webpage in Lima, Peru. We are expert in design and development Web.

We count on more than 6 years of experience and an excellent portfolio, but that is not what it makes the BEST OPTION us to design your webpage.

It is the PERFECT understanding of all the elements of your business and how these are connected, which makes of us the best option to design your new webpage. TO YOUR MEASUREMENT and to fulfill your objectives.

To create a website by merely €œis present at digitalis€ is thing of the past century€¦

A webpage of the 21st century connects with your clients and it allows to understand them you, it is a route to sell online and an impulse to unfold strategies of multi-channel marketing as never before.

In BoxieDesigner we took the design from your webpage with the professionalism that your business deserves and around which the market demands.

It continues reading to know how we do it possible!

Design Web

Our advantage:


  • You look for a Web with a unique design? Your website not only will be modern and attractive, also he will be Interactive and Functional! (And what to say of the creative thing€¦)
  • Your new webpage will be able to adapt to all the devices: desktop, mobiles and tablets (It is more, first we designed your version mobile)
  • To manage a webpage it is very complicated truth? NO! Your website will be self-managing and you will free receive a qualification and manual of user (As easy as to administer your profile on Facebook).
  • If what you need is to sell online, it discovers what e-commerce functional and persuasive can do by your business. It sells in automatic online!
  • Your new webpage will be designed to position itself in Google (Thanks to our expert knowledge in SEO).


You are closely together to receive the BEST budget for your new webpage€¦ IT QUOTES FREE

A new form To design Webpages

To have surprising design, without a doubt, can mark the difference in your website, but don't mention it serves if it does not fulfill the objectives of your business, after all the creativity and the performance goes of the hand.
For that reason, we designed a creative and analytical methodology to design a webpage.


We create firmly in which the creative process and the design, are fundamental to provide solution to diverse problems and to raise innovating solutions that they deeply connect with your clients and they contribute to the attainment of objectives. In addition to seeing this process as something continuous.



We make use of components of usability and optimized design to manage to design pages that persecute measurable and quantifiable results. We trust the data that a Web can collect and as she helps you to improve design components and to understand better your users

Our Process

Steps that conform our process of design Web

Definition and analysis
  • Investigation on the industry
  • Recognition of objective
  • Technical initial SEO
  • Revision of the Brief
  • Harvesting of logo and contents available.
  • Visual proposal
  • Model-making
  • We use technologies as PHP, CSS, HTML5, Javascript and methodologies as SCRUM
  • Analysis and Activation
  • Phase of test
  • Phase of approval
  • Support 24/7

These are
only some of ours

projects of
Design Web


Design Web

We know that the knowledge is GOLD, we shared some resources to you that can be of your interest. While more informed you are, better decisions you will be able to take: