Annual memory 2015 BVL

Stock-market of Values of Lima wanted to reunite in a single site the landmarks of its organization during year 2015 and Lima Dot offered the perfect solution to them: a Web likeable, friendly and dynamic, able to compile the year of the BVL ordinate in chapters. This Web is administrable car, has versions in English and Spanish language and also tells on an adaptable design any screen. The challenge of this project was to organize a vast amount of information, to interpret it and to turn it into attractive content of easy navigation for the visitor.

The creation of a webpage is a complex process. It is not sufficient with designing pages attractive Webs, is necessary to design fast pages Webs.€

The administrator who chose himself for this project was Drupal due to the immense amount of contents that was to classify. The photographic work and of design was realised with the maximum diffuseness and multi-language was combined with a platform.

Stock-market of Values of Lima is a society that it intends main to facilitate the negotiation of enrolled values in a fair manner, competitive, continuous and transparent of values of public supply that operate under the conduction of the Society, according to established in the Law of the Stock market and its norms.

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