Party Packs Delivery

The company Party Packs decided to offer a service delivery from the Web and we presented a proposal to them that in line included a customized design with a cart of purchases for its orders. Due to the great amount of products and constant update, it was decided on the CMS Wordpress for the management of contents. This Web tells on a chat online for the attention the client. The difficulty of this project resided in the programming: in addition to the calculation by mobility surcharge, a solid platform for the payments by transference and with credit card was due to construct.

Lima Dot seemed to us a very professional company, work very organized, all the people with whom you work take care of super good to you, from the person who opens the door to you until Gerente General. I recommend much this company since it did pretty a super webpage to us; they understand from the first moment which is the image that one wants to show, work fast, that is what all we want when we asked for a Web, give many ideas us, recommend many things. Generally it has been a super experience to work with them. Thanks to all the people who work in Lima Dot€

The constant change and update of the product catalogue poured off us by the CMS WordPress, that next to the WooCommerce extension, makes an ideal combination for the service of orders online. The customized design in their versions Mobile and Desktop left satisfied Party Packs.

Party Packs is a company that is in charge of the production of events, or are corporative or familiar. This includes catering, educative, entretenedores factories and everything what a celebration looks for when organizing.

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