Digetel Peru

Digetel needed to renew its old webpage and arrived at this Digital Agency so that we propose the best form to them to modernize his digital image. They only trusted us the design of his new webpage basing us on the presentation PPT on which already they counted.

After to review this material and to talk in detail with them to know his tastes and needs, we designed a Web that reached and exceeded the expectations of the client. Lima Dot, Digital Agency specialized in design Web and digital marketing in Furrow, Lima, Peru, used the last technologies Web for this project. We use a development platform Drupal, that is a software of management of self-managing contents on framework Bootstrap to give a responsive design him (Responsive Design) that is compatible with movable devices such as tablets and cellular. This project also counts on an Intranet that serves as tool as communication between the company and its hundreds as collaborating interns.

The creation of a webpage is a complex process. It is not sufficient with designing pages attractive Webs, is necessary to design fast pages Webs.€

Digetel is a company that realises facilities in homes, subterranean companies, area and public thoroughfare of services of fixed telephony, cable TV and Internet; as well as the corresponding maintenance of these. Having connected with the world to more than 300.000 families in 582 districts of all the Peru, Digetel has been a company that has evolved consistently, gaining the confidence of its clients by its high degree of trustworthiness and fulfillment.

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