Digital publicity - SEM

It realises Campaigns of Publicity that multiply your investment

We are expert in digital advertising campaigns: we created them, we monitored and we optimized with the aim of elevating the yield of the inverted thing.

Digital publicity €“ SEM

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the use of the publicity in the web search engines. It must as main objective show your announcement phelp at the precise moment the users who have interest and realise specialized searches of the product and/or services that you offer as company.

So that you increase the traffic and therefore the yield of the digital channel, the objective of the publicity is to increase the income, measured by the successful conversions.

Initial definition and set up of the campaigns
  • We joined ourselves for enteder the requirement and the objectives on which we will measure the effectiveness of the results.
  • Soon we come to establish the lineaments of the campaigns by services/products among them: segmentation, target, location among others definitions.
  • In this estapa becomes keyword research initial and a set becomes up initial of all the campaigns.
  • Our creative equipment elaborates the announcements orinetados to the groups defined in setup initial and it starts up the campaigns. Once sent the campaign the reports are elaborated that permitiran to us to measure the objectives of the campaign.
  • Each campaign at the level of each is monitored constantly keyword with the purpose of to optimize the inersi³n and announcements constantly.
  • The seguimieto becomes of results.

1. Network Search:

Campaign that it looks for to offer your services of textual way to the searches of the related keywords products/services that you offer. It appears in the first posciones of the results of the finder, remembers that 50% enter and 60% of the people give a click him to the first announcements of payment

2. Display:

Campaign that it looks for to promote your products graphically/services to your potential clients in the different pages that sail. Ideal stops to catch the attention of the possible client in an early stage of the cycle of purchase, where it shows interest.

3. Remarketing €“ Retargeting:

Campaign that it looks for to show products again and/or services that your company offers to usuary auqellos that mostrar³n interest in your website. Once indentificado the users the strategy can be more direct increasing your ratio of conversion. You do not wait for more, we increase your mints segmenting better your hearing.

For which reason of using SEM with us?

  • 1

    We increase the traffic of your Web from the first day:

    Once formed the campaigns you begin yourself to aunmetar the traffic from the first day obtaining a considerable traffic from day 1. But it is not there, the traffic this direccionado to the precise searches of products and services and products that you offer.

  • 2

    Monitoring and constant optimization:

    From the first moment that is sent the campaign is begun to collect very important data for the optimization of the same. It is known that strategies are more profitable and as they are possible to be optimized until knowing the detail than they make each user in the pages destiny. Our equipment analyzes all the information in order to optimize the campaign generally.

  • 3

    You appear for many keywords:

    The phelp campaigns give the facility you to appear for all the referring keywords to your products and services, extending your fan of possibility of securing more sales.

  • 4

    We take advantage of much the technologies google:

    Google manages and evolves with the artificial intelligence to be able to optimize the segmentation of a that it shows the announcement, nevertheless we remember that its objective is to mint, for that reason with our experts we optimized the campaigns to spend the necessary thing in order to achieve the objectives of the campaign

  • 5

    It complements very well to a SEO strategy

    The strategies digital of the companies are always to have visibildiad in the first resutlados ones of the resutlados ones of finders, is for that reason that can decide on strategies of poscionamiento as SEO, this is a strategy in the long term. For that reason a strategy of SEM perfectly complements then the immediate being gives a result him in parallel while it is worked on the organic growth.

  • 6

    Your you decide whatever to invest in publicity

    A minimum budget does not exist to be able to make publicity, your you decide whatever you want to invest in the channel. Our experts, take your budget and we used it of the best way possible to retabilizar having as objective to increase your conversions.

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